Overview of simulation

Here we explain about the various elements that forms OpenHRP.

  • Overview of Simulation
  • How to use GrxUI user interface

    The following document is about a brief overview of OpenHRP user interface so called "GrxUI" and explains how to use it.

    Guidance for creating a model

    This section describes about how to create a model that uses for simulation. First, we show the procedure of creating a model and then explain what type of models actually being used, by taking a sample robot as example.

    Guidance for building a controller

    In OpenHRP, a control program that outputs instruction value to the robot by reading the sensor value from the robot, is called "Controller". Following sections describe how to build a controller.

    Sample Controller

    Here we describe about a sample controller called "SamplePD", that makes a sample robot walk according to the pattern-file.


    In this section we discuss about controller-bridge, that helps to use the controller you built, on the simulator.

    Practical samples

    Finallay we introduce a practical sample, that reveals cooperate work of OpenHRP and RTC.