The following explains how to install OpenHRP.

Supported OS

Currently, OpenHRP3 is officially supported on the following platforms.

  • Ubuntu Linux 7 or later (recommended)
  • Windows XP, Vista (32bit)

When concerning Linux, OpenHRP3 may work on many Linux distributions other than Ubuntu. Please refer the following page for detailed information about supported platforms.

Each constitution of manual and distribution package is based on its officially supported OS.Therefore if you use it on an OS other than we listed above, you will be required a higher-level of knowledge about operating OS and programming. If you are not familiar with that, please use an officially supported OS.

As developers, we recommend to use Linux(Ubuntu) platform, since it is easier to install and faster the operation of OpenHRP3 on Ubuntu, than Windows.

Installation Procedure

We have prepared some instruction manuals that explains the basic installation procedure of OpenHRP3 on the above officially supported OSs. It is relatively easier to configure the environment for OpenHRP3 and then install it, by following the instructions of these pages.

It is not necessarily, to proceed exactly as we instructed in these pages, but enough if you have installed the required libraries and configured the compile properties properly.

If you would like to configure the working environment freely by your self, or if you want to run OpenHRP3, on an OS/distribution other than the officially supported, please refer the pages below.

  • Required Softwares to compile/run OpenHRP

    Here we describe how to configure the system environment, to make OpenHRP3 executed. To compile/run OpenHRP3, you have to install the softwares described here, on your OS.

Confirming Installation

After installaing OpenHRP, it is better to run a sample simulation and check whether the installation completed successfully.