Release Note Ver.3.1.0-Release

Basic changes and updates from version 3.1.0(β4) to 3.1.0-Release:

  • OpenHRP3 now officially supports Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
  • Revised creating view process of the GrxUI start.
  • improved a parsing VRML function.
  • Revised it to leave out frames when processing was not possible for fps, at replay.
  • Revised it to synchronize the update time of ViewSimulation with the frame rate of the camera
  • Revised it to be update contents of RobotState View, at replay after the simulation too.
  • Fixed bug that exception is raised when plural ControllerBridge works..
  • Supports plural WorldItem.
  • Revised it to lower display load of Property View.
  • Fixed the issue of cross axle of the graph.
  • Resolved miscellaneous problems of JythonPromptView.
  • Resolved miscellaneous problems of OnlineViewer.
  • Resolved miscellaneous problems of 3DView.
  • resolved some miscellaneous problems in OpenHRP